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Dada  design, d-DESIGNING A-ART d-DRESS A-ARCHITECTURE is a new brand of Italian fashion and design. The company was born in 2016 to transform inputs from reality's vision into the most hidden and unseen details, clothing and distinction accessories. A revolutionary label born from the desire of two architects/fashion designers Francesca Ferrara and Ernesto Graditi to use their professional skills to create new innovative products. They combine classical art with digital technologies and are constantly looking for new ideas and materials.Each product is the result of study and design by its founders. Between art, digital graphics and matter, it is made entirely of highly qualified materials and Italian labor, whose entire supply chain, from concept to finished product, is totally followed by the two designers.The main source of inspiration for these designers is motley art of their native Sicilia. Every new project created in dAdA design has it's own history and also a soul.It is a product of tensed intellectual and spiritual work of the designers.The company is based in italy. Alasophie is excited to present their products in Canada.

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